Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"


Usually I don't like the techno sound, but the original has that kind of sound too so it works. I liked it a lot - great remix of a classic VG tune.

HouseMasta responds:

Thanks for your review!

Wow, you actually noticed it was posted on vgmix. cool

Thanks for the 9!

Why isnt this in an album?!

This is alot better than the original version i think, although they almost sound like 2 diffrent songs!

Good job, hope to see more!

HouseMasta responds:

hey thanks for your review!

I have no idea why this isnt an album lol XD

Thanks again

This is amazing.

And I thought it couldn't get any better. You are a real mario fan if you could make this better.

HouseMasta responds:

hey, thanks a lot for the 10.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much

Great !

I liked it. Very excellent remix but I thought the music was a bit indistinguishable and that too much was added. But taken as a whole it's a fantastic song.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review

Oh yes.

Oh god. This is great. Very VERY nicely layered to where it doesnt seem all clambored up. It just sounds so fresh and awaking then alot of the stuff being put onto the portal lately.

Congrats to you.

HouseMasta responds:

hey thanks for your rveiew!

Im glad you enjoyed it