Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"


Ive listened to this plenty of times for years now, lol.
Came back to it and realized i havent reviewed. D:
Awesome track, I wish it was longer! Winged Cap theme in Mario64 is one of my most favorite video game themes ever, and your remix is very smooth and awesome! :D It does feel like you're flying, and the beats are nice!
Good job all over, love it! 10zz


this kicks ass man really awesome keep it up!!!!!

They don't call you masta for nothing!

Brought me back to the good ol' 90's playing SM64 24/7 barely getting sleep, smoking all the greens.

Before I start rambling, I gotta say this remix stands out from the rest. Kickass job m8


this is really good. i have nothing bad to say about it :)


this is truly an amazing song you have put together here. I love your video game remixe and this is one of them. nice job!