Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"


Great art, great coloring
(you did just forgot a few details, but that doesnt matter at all)


this is very nice, great details, the zombies could use a little more, but this is still very nice!

HoLy sHiT!

im just 11 old and i love L4D xD
Dude thats what i call art...thers left in? So it is cool...
if u play l4d 1 or 2 (2 when i buy or download it) lets play someday! =D

Sabtastic responds:

Aww, thanks! :P
lol I don't play it as often as I used to, though. ^^

Glad you like it.


Every thing is better with zombies, and why must I always find people who want more "boobies" or "sex" or "sluts" in your art work? Are you gonna get half naked while an army of flesh eatin GZOMBIES are out and about? No good sir you are not, so I say Miggle snort to you leatSmelly, you make me sadface.

Back to the art. Like always it is great and sets the mood. But that one zombie looking right at you with the glowing eyes is pissing me off. GO LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! Anyway, I have not played L4D, for I am poor as hell, but I will wait for number two ok? Also I am not dumb enough to say bad things about a game I have never play for as a wise old man once said "That makes you pants on head retarded."

Sabtastic responds:

Nice review, and thanks! :P lmao

...I guess some people have just come to expect that I only ever draw tits, so their simple minds are baffled when I draw something with the boobs all covered up, or with none at all.. :\ This concept confuses and angers the pants-on-head retarded trollers! :O

(lol Not referring to the actual non-trolling NG population, of course. those guys are great. Constructive criticizm is always nice too.) ..Just venting about trolls. :B
Don't mind me. :D

Good Luck Zoey.

Man this is a kick ass piece of artwork. There is just so much detail in to it. Its Awesome 10-10