Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"


I love this picture especially the zombies because you can't exactly see then but you know they are there and that they are looking in your general direction, and that to me adds a very nice dramatic effect to the whole scene. I can't wait to get a tablet myself so I don't have to upload anymore of these copies of my work and then maybe ill finally get scouted.


So now you're Zoey, eh? What next :D Keep up the good work :)

Your awesome, you know that?

You are ONLY girl i (Sorta) know who plays Left4Dead. You are an EPIC artist too!! Bet'cha cant wait for L4D 2 huh? I dont play L4D myself but after seeing all your L4D art i want to try too. (So, Damn you. You got me hooked on a new game XP) Heheh i think i said this already but awesome drawing, its awesome!

Sabtastic responds:

I actually can't sufficiently describe my excitement and anticipation for Left 4 Dead 2 in words. lol
I've already played the Demo and seen the trailer n' stuff, and i'm counting down the days. It's gonna be SUCH a kickass game. <3


Do you think there was a reason that zoey from L4D
looks like all sabs self portraits?
I don't they know sab was so awesome that they put her in the game!
Go Sab!!!!! :-)

Sabtastic responds:

haha - omg please tell me who you are.
Your username makes my week. x3


Checked out all your left 4 dead fan art, you give alot more depth to left 4 dead then the game..then agen the game is mindless zombie blood bath.. anyways i think your very talented. Oh and zoeys hot...see what i did there? ha

Sabtastic responds:

Oh, you!

lol Thanks for the kind words and high scores man! Personally, I think Left 4 Dead's one of the greatest games ever made. XD