Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"

OMG (zoey has startled the witch oh wait shes dead

haha good drwing my freind i beleive you have a future in garphics art(not the computer graphics)

Sabtastic responds:

... not the computer graphics? lol


I like how most of your art deals with things i have had experiences in.
Who if not the gamer will tribute the game?


yay! you put hunter ^^ (HUNTER <333)

Cool, Zoey!

Her not being slutty alone gets you individuality points. The drawing is great, but the perspective on the street looks a bit off. Of course there is a hunter in the back. Don't worry, Zoey, he'll attack Louis or Ellis like he always does.... Nothing bad ever happens to Zoey, Rochelle, Bill, or Nick. (At least not as much) I drew Zoey not so long ago and posted her in my Art. (Take a look! Not nearly as good) Man I love L4D! WOO!! .... Anyway, the left shoulder looks a little flat, and as I mentioned before, the perspective on the street is also strange.. I think it's too high. Yes, that's it. If you could maybe squish down the background (everything behind Zoey and the wall), then this would be perfect. Oh, also, Zoey always has a smudge on her cheek in the game. (for some reason) That, however doesn't matter at all. Beautiful depth! Great color!

You've caught the mood of the game which is: "Okay, so there's the saferoom! Louis is black - and - white, Bill's out of meds, and Francis, who was played by a five-year-old, died in the beginning. All we have to do is fight our way through 200 more zombies, a Hunter, a Smoker, and - for some reason - a Charger, then we can rest in the saferoom!"

Well done!

Sabtastic responds:

Haha. I enjoyed your L4D in a nutshell description. :P
Thanks for the great review!!! :D

I actually have a copy of the version where the perspective of the street in this picture is alligned.. I really should post it, huh. :o


Every thing is better with zombies, and why must I always find people who want more "boobies" or "sex" or "sluts" in your art work? Are you gonna get half naked while an army of flesh eatin GZOMBIES are out and about? No good sir you are not, so I say Miggle snort to you leatSmelly, you make me sadface.

Back to the art. Like always it is great and sets the mood. But that one zombie looking right at you with the glowing eyes is pissing me off. GO LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! Anyway, I have not played L4D, for I am poor as hell, but I will wait for number two ok? Also I am not dumb enough to say bad things about a game I have never play for as a wise old man once said "That makes you pants on head retarded."

Sabtastic responds:

Nice review, and thanks! :P lmao

...I guess some people have just come to expect that I only ever draw tits, so their simple minds are baffled when I draw something with the boobs all covered up, or with none at all.. :\ This concept confuses and angers the pants-on-head retarded trollers! :O

(lol Not referring to the actual non-trolling NG population, of course. those guys are great. Constructive criticizm is always nice too.) ..Just venting about trolls. :B
Don't mind me. :D