Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"


A BOOMER XD nice work ^^


Awesome drawing.. or digi-drawing..
wish i could draw something other then stick figures..
and daaaaang. you got three specials on ya? what you do to piss em off?


Was gonna write that it was good but it doesn't look like Zoey :P Then I read the comments and of course it doesn't look like the real deal. It's a VERY nice picture. You captured Zoey pretty well. On the fact that she is supposed to be you I don't know, cause' i don't know how you look xP I especially like it that you apparently know something of Left 4 Dead since i see a Boomer in the background :)
VERY good job!!

Yet again leetsmelly_____ has tried and failed

The legions of L4D fans could outnumber the infected, you never pick a fight with them, it's just not smart, and yes, I do feel like agreeing with sabtastic alot, cause uhh well...shes right...dmbasses

Sabtastic responds:


I think it's pretty cool. it looks like you are actually pwning zombies.

Sabtastic responds:

Fun fact, actually, if you play L4D2 on Steam, it's free to play until Monday the 8th!