Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"


looks awsome


zoey doesn't wear any earring..
nice drawing..

Sabtastic responds:

It's a self portrait. I wear those.

very unique

i have seen a lot of left 4 dead fan art and this beats them all good job sabtastic.


yay! you put hunter ^^ (HUNTER <333)

Addicting as hell

Wow, you've definitely got a great attention to detail. I must say, this is probably now among my favorite works of art here on NG. The shading is spectacular; the positioning, picture-perfect; the coloration, dark and very L4D-ish...really, great stuff. I think that this picture just becomes even more awesome when you realize that this is a portrayal of YOURSELF in L4D. Quite imaginative! Keep it up; I'm beginning to see that your stuff is addicting as hell. It makes me jealous; I wish I could draw like that (I coulda too, I had the eye for it, but decided to become a music junkie and guitar-player instead =P).