Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"


It's actually pretty fun. Unlike the guy before me, I like it. ^_^ Good work.

Some has to say it:

People, lets be honest; yes, its true, dressing up games are for perverts. I believe that one of the most requested topics here in Newgrounds are dress ups.
What do most people expect from this kind of games?
To be able to strip the character, to execute perverted actions. Im really not looking forward to a game which includes clothing in which you cannot look at a boob; I say this as a man.

Oh yes! Lets dress a cute girl and test different combinations to make her look so cool! This is so much fun!
PATHETIC. Even more pathetic than the perverts playing sim dates.
Thats all I have to say.


Thank god you didn't put any perverted shit. Boobs are fine enough ^.^
I made mine look like Christina Aguilera =P
Anyway loved the game - awesome!


Yet another awesome dress up for the ladies.

I'm just curious...

The Music from Brak, is it from Cartoon Planet? haven't heard about that channel other than Cartoon Network®.