Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"

Great Dress Up

I really love this game. It's a refreshing change compared to all of the other sleazy dress up games out there. Loved all of the choices.

Not so average.

There is a decent amount of options to choose from. I like how you put together the layers of clothes with the ability to change colors. I bet there is quite a good amount of action scripting here. Some of the backgrounds are good. As far as music goes, well, I think if it was compressed just a little more you would be able to squeeze in one or two more; unless you prefer quality over quantity.

nothing new

theres plenty of dress up games
this was an ok dress up game so It doesn't totally suck
You just need to add better songs and more of them.

EhFilms responds:

i had another song, but i had to remove it due to filesize. Newgrounds doesn't allow files larger than 5mb.
And "it doesn't totally suck".... thanks for the compliment, I think.

everything was good excpet for the sound

the sound was horrible for the music, other than that it was a great dress up.

holy shit!

I just made a Jessica Alba LOL