Reviews for "War."

the circle guys look like japan. anyways, it's ok.

I remember seeing part of this on Stickpage a long time ago and not finding it very interesting. As an adult, this has a whole new meaning to me. I like the black and white graphics, though they seemed too simple for their own good at times. This Flash has a precarious balance between stick figures and fullbody at several points, and I think sometimes it harms what this is meant to be. That being said, I really like the loops/repetition in this video, it really shows what it's all about. The X, O, triangle imagery was simple but made the point.

I think the biggest flaw is that the animation is not particularly great here. Other than that, this is really impressive and powerful, though the music is rather eccentric.

even though i dont know what the heck he is saying the visuals are amazing and the music is great sounding and ya! :D

Great Video!! Also One Question Is That A Language Or Gibberish???

That's War in a nutshell for ya!