Reviews for "War."


Cause war, War never changes.

War... War never changes...

Deep message, there. Great, simple style.
A lovely little tale of the pointlessness of war.
Keep up the good work.


First time i saw this at MINDistortion, i was amazed at its greatness. Then now, years later i realized i was totally wrong. This music combined with this animation creates an immeasurable amount of enormity far massiver than just great. I smiled a huge smile of a smile as all these memories came back to me. Thank you once again for this. :D

For Wyckedphobia

Great movie.
Wyckedphobia if you were paying attention the music is at the end in the credits.
Kaizers Orchestra - Bak et Halleluja


Great. love how you make war seem like such a simple thing..
ovbious wink at hitler lol.. its good, really good :')
I guess thats what its all about..world dom..