Reviews for "War."


I liked it, couldn't understand the words though. Nice, short, and simple; pretty good.


its low in graphics but hey its good besides that


sadly freedom comes at the price of war.

About War

I learned there is no good about war but there is good in life to fight in wars they fight for what was right.
Oh yeah more more more again

makes sance, sadly ( some refrence in comment )

i read it somewhere but where escapes me :(
that the past 3000 years in human history only around 200 years of those 3k years where peace on earth ( only counting a hole month and sometimes a hole year without any kind of conlict betwen nations, states, clans and tribes and stacks up until it reach around 200 years ) and it never seams to teach us a lesson or two about pointless wars and useless killing

Even people said at the time that world war 1 was suppost to end all wars becuse it was the worst kind of war by far and showed the leaders that toke part of WW1 what kind of devastasion the human race was capable of. but it dint seam to matter to hitler when he whent to make WW2. and when the nuke blew up two citys in japan showed that we whant and can make it even more devastasion. And even today not a damm thing changed.

Many people believe that World Peace is impossible to reach, due to Human nature. According to this belief, it is human nature to want to fight for land, food etc. Therefore, the only way to get rid of this problem, is to eradicate the whole human race, thus defeating the obtainability of world peace. Unless Aliens turn up, then, due to human nature we fight them.

And on top of that we are killing our very own planet due to human nature. But despite that we all love to be human as mutch we hate being human. its just who we are...