Reviews for "War."


no matter how old this is its still awesome

one of my favorite flash of all time

i never get tired watching this. the animation is so simple yet you easily get the point across. loved this flash since i first saw it years ago.

i get what ure saying..........

I know what u mean (if there is a meaning, that everyone wants power so they have to kill and kill and kill untilnothing is left except them, themselves and there people. This is the sad part about life it goes on and on and on just like war. i dont mean to sound suicidle but i just want to express myself if i can do so

Amazing song

Amazing plot, this kind of thing should be shown in history class and to politicians. I can't say anything bad about it since the song is so short making the animation short. Great work I hope you make a comeback with more stuff soon.

I love this flash

My sister first showed it to me and for a week i could not stop watching it along with other mindistortion flashes seriously i love this flash