Reviews for "War."

A lesson can be learned here

I have always like this flash, I think because of all the destruction and global warfare. Nice touch


This has to be one of my favorite flashes, Such a nice animation, good music (that I can't understand) and best of all, a moral. Humans can never be content with what they have. If given a chance, some will kill others just for the sake of something they don't need. If the entire world would just work not just for thier country, but also for the human race. Either way, nice flash. 5/5

Great! A favorite of mine

Although I would seriously just rate this 5 for the 'Kaizers' music involvement. But I liked the movie a lot too. Even if the song's lyrics have nothing really to do with war. I loved it!

bra jobb!

Nice animation man

Great job pal By the way my opinion about the war is that the human don't fight for ideals or territory they hide their real reasons of fight with stupid arguments of politic stuff and shit...but they real intention is destroy, the human being make war only to have the satisfaction of violence and destruction bye

My new Favorite

Awesome Music, Gnarly looks, and important lesson, for all those who assumed this beautiful flash was supporting War, it is really showing how stupid it is since people expend lives so they could just own some f**king land. I have nothing but respect for this,

P.S. I want to save this to my computer, or better yet, convert it to MPEG so i can watch it on my PSP in the car!