Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="


This is just awesome loop. Why don't you make another rock loop like this.

This is what I see.

A heroine is destined to defeat the planets greatest evil (eventually) but the evil army generals/monsters force her to fight them before she is ready. Naturally, they defeat her. But just when they are about to defeat her someone shouts "Not so fast!" then an epic medic appears from nowhere and kicks their asses using airstikes and stuff. He holds them off well enough for him to revive her and cover their retreat.

This is his theme song.

Even for a first try...

I mean it. Don't'cha try to refuse. I'd vote 10/5 and 20/10 but I cant...
And I must say, this attracted me, even though I don't usualy listen to stuff that are supposed to be listened loudly...
Did I mentoin that this litelary rocks?

Different.... I like.

So much different then your other songs. Not that it is a bad thing. In fact, it is great! It is good to mix it up once in a while.

Just heard this in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and....

Its freakin awesome.

This song has great tone and I love how it flows. All the songs were great but this one is the most memorable by far. It just plain "thumps" right...great bass tone; really fits. I can easily imagine this song fitting with any "metalic" boss type.

One of the best songs I've heard on NG in a while. Love finding gems like this on this site.

Thank you for the pleasure of getting to hear this. :)