Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="

You say it's your first try...

I say you did awesome! specially that after 2 days of non-stop searching i think i found the track for my flash movie (WIP) ^^and that (plus the fact that it sounds great tho i dunno what genre it really is XD) is why i am faving this and leaving for later download^^ also, you get a 5/5 and 10/10


It's good it could be a futuristic chase and i've also been playing a certain beta game

I've been looking for this song for a while.

Teh song is excellent. I have always been looking for this since I've played the beta release of a certain game. :3


Not bad, but not as good as your piano pieces.

Let me start by saying that no-one outside Germany can do electro metal well :P
I'll be honest, I hated the high-pitched chorusy bit. Also, you don't get that many urban-metal-fuelled chase scenes.

Its got a great bassline though, but I think it needed a heavier rhythmn to bring out the full flavour of the guitar.
Please don't let me put you off doing rock, its just that here you tried to combine rock with something else altogether....

Easy to jam to.

A cool piece. I could imagine it being used for a slow chase scene...

Although the main theme sounds a bit repetitive, it's not to the point where it's annoying. I DO like how simple the drums start out before growing in intensity. The buildup is what gets me about this song, and I can honestly jam/head bang to it.

I wish I could offer more advice about what instruments to use, but I'm not too familiar with FL Studio, myself, so yeah...But keep up the good work!