Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="


Great try for rock song, i think the timing is great. could i borrow this?

sweet! woot woot! oh yeah!

can i borrow this? 10/10 5/5 20/20 75/50. so much awesome, so little time.

Decent, too choppy for my taste.

Not a bad try for your first attempt at rock music. Start's off with a good intro, with good pauses. However, there are a bit too many pauses throughout the song. Put it together, and you get a bit of choppiness. But hey, that's only me. Still, an excellent song, and it fits the factory/robot theme in EBF2 VERY well. Two thumbs up! :)


good enough to be in a montage

Thats a pretty fucking good first rock song

I heard this and thought damn this song is probably the coolest song ive ever heard, this song and divine madness were some amazing pieces of work.

I dont know what it is but i think this beat is just so badass i could listen to it all day. I remember having this song stuck in my head all day after playing epic battle fantasy 2 one time and i was just thinking fuck, i know I've heard this song from epic battle fantasy, i just wish i knew what it was called and where i could find it and i guess today i just randomly came across it while i was looking for the last boss theme of epic battle fantasy 3(divine madness). The last thing i would have to say is that it doesn't sound as much as a chase theme at some parts as it does an epic ending theme maybe a credits theme or something either way great song