Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="


In my head i picture a black haired samurai in red chasing after a horrible villian and duking it out. NIce song if this is a first attempt id love to see you try this again!


Robot fight for epic battle fantasy 2 xP

Thats a pretty fucking good first rock song

I heard this and thought damn this song is probably the coolest song ive ever heard, this song and divine madness were some amazing pieces of work.

I dont know what it is but i think this beat is just so badass i could listen to it all day. I remember having this song stuck in my head all day after playing epic battle fantasy 2 one time and i was just thinking fuck, i know I've heard this song from epic battle fantasy, i just wish i knew what it was called and where i could find it and i guess today i just randomly came across it while i was looking for the last boss theme of epic battle fantasy 3(divine madness). The last thing i would have to say is that it doesn't sound as much as a chase theme at some parts as it does an epic ending theme maybe a credits theme or something either way great song

sweet! woot woot! oh yeah!

can i borrow this? 10/10 5/5 20/20 75/50. so much awesome, so little time.

Although this song isn't great as a chase theme for say, a platformer (unless it were fairly slow paced), but it could definitely be used in different ways in video games. Not even that, I enjoy listening to it just normally. I downloaded this and put it on my Ipod. You rock. This song rocks. You're gonna go somewhere with that talent. Thanks for the great listen and keep up the amazing work.
-The Red Bobcat, Music Critic