Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="

epic song.

really EPIC


this song totally changed my attitude towards rock music, no lyric needed after all!


It's a catchy song. I'm sure there are people other than me that say the same. I could go all the way to school thinking of this song.

I don't give you the 9 because there are some rather annoying instruments beginning at... 0:34

But it's really good for your 1st time at ROCK.


thats not true this is awesome!
its epic!

Good First Try

Let me first note that this is not a statement to put you down in anyway, it is merely constructive criticism. The melody is pretty good, but it is too repetitive... Advice for your songs in the future is to change things up a bit, mess around with other chord progressions in that key instead to stick to the same bass line of A minor, F major, C major, G major. At least you added some change with messing around with the corresponding chords. But you are falling victim to the 4 chord song, which I myself have done, and it is fine to do so but you need to add variation. Hope this helped you a bit.