Reviews for "Chase Theme =HFX="

love the beat!

this song suits the guardian boss really well. the strong rhythm made me move my hands to the beat. this is awesome, great job!

This is awesome music.

To be totally honest, i love your music. and EPIC FANTASY BATTLE 2 .

But the bosses are just too hard. i cant get past the worm boss.
but other than that. this is a great soundtrack.

Title Theme

In my mind i keep seeing this title based on the entire video game universe
two goals win the game and restore earth
sounds like a good one


In my head i picture a black haired samurai in red chasing after a horrible villian and duking it out. NIce song if this is a first attempt id love to see you try this again!

Awesome music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best music i ever listened up!!!!!!!!!!!!