Reviews for "Tier"

it was good, but...

it was really well done, timed perfect and everything but i would've liked to see the quality as good as the rest of the time, during the robot action sequence. good job

Nice work, lots of effort

A guy a know named cable showed me that band over the summer, they are some german band.. i have no clue what any of the are saying cus I speak jap. and esp. but not german. they are a good group and if you know what the song is about I would like to know... keep up the good work dude!


A much better video could have come from such a great song.

poxpower responds:

hint: if the people making were being paid

i liked it

good graphics. good message.


I don't care what that dried-up cunt shrimp says, Rammstein is awesome. Good job mi amigo.
You got some mad skillz.