Reviews for "Tier"


Um......Tier means animal in German right? I dont get it........But at least it looked good. It just wasnt very good.

Excelent Flash video

I listen to Ramstien now and them,
and this flash goes very well with tier :D:D
the robots and their creator + the "rebels" are very well made ;)


It looks like you took a looooooooong time on this. The graphics are great. Is this German or something?


The idea of this little clip was excellent. But, there was one major problem. A few times, the movement of the animation and the beat of the music were off. It was a little repetative also. All in all, it was exquisitly made, and a brilliant idea.


I will give this a good mark, because it was indeed very well made, but I found it kinda repetitive. Also, I don't care for Ramestein, so I guess I am kinda biased. Good job anyways ^_^