Reviews for "Tier"

Techno-bauhaus style ;-)

I'm not a Ramstein fan, but I must admit that flash-musical is nice. I was just annoyed by those white stroboscopic flashes I think were useless and some "scenes" were a bit laggy (and don't blame my comp, it's a powerful one :)
Apart that, this work is neat. Good one ;)

poxpower responds:

well blame your comp, because that's what's doing it :o
But don't feel alone, I don't think there is a comp that can play this without any slowdown. I rock.


Well i have never seen a style like this before it was so different and out there, props for that dude, and the music wow that was a cool number and them graphics very cool and suited the music, keep it up!


It was a great music video. Though I thought the song went well with the visuals, the song is actually about a guy fucking his daughter. This is why I gave it a ten for humor.

Very good though.


That was a cool movie, and had the coolest evil dude ever, though he did look a bit like Darth Malak from KOTOR.

fuck me with a dead chicken

Man, I am stoned and that was a wicked vid for weed. Just the music with the visuals... quite cool.