Reviews for "Tier"

Could be better...

The animation was great, it was a good job on using the BRUTE style. But mentioning KMFDM on a Rammstein song? Please! don't insult Industrial Musik by saying Rammstein is Industrial!
The song doesn't even go with the video. A more suiting (let alone better) song would of been "War" by :Wumpscut: or pretty much Anything be Funker Vogt, Even VNV Nation would of worked better(And they're EBM!)
Sorry, but you want to piss off more Rivet-Heads and Industrial fans keep saying those shitty bands like Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, and Manson are Industrial. I'm sure we'll catch of with you eventually and end your shit...
(Nice animation though, BRUTE has always been faithful...)

It was cool.

really kickass movie,
and i love rammstein- theyre actually all i listen to.
but maybe you should have a found a song that had a little more to do with your film? or maybe make the film more like the song.
here is a translation from the german song "Tier" by Rammstein.

What is a man
What is a man
Who's between man and beast?
Can't separate them

He will go to his doughter so late
She is young and such a sweet bait
Just as if he were a dog
With his own flesh and blood he will mate

What do you feel
What are you
You are a beast!

What is woman
What is woman
Inbetween beast and man
Can't separate them

She dips the feather in his blood
Writes herself so mant lines
A lifeless letter from her childhood
As her father slept by her side

What do you feel
What are you
You are a beast!

yeah.... slightly disturbing but i like the song anyway :)

The beauty of warfare

There is no telling in how much I loved this one. As a big fan of Rammestein I can really say that this flash made the song justice.

A sequel might be in order.



this was soo good, i love your style especialy on the guy, the way you use colour is soo cool and effective..everything is soo good i just love this. the hand drawn bit was awsome too and so was the song!

Dammit, I gotta quit watching this!

well, after watching this 4 times I felt it's worthy of a review...
the graphics were amazing and it was pretty well synched with the song. I was blown away with that... guy, his graphics were amazing. Im not much a fan of rammstein (you could of dome better with slipknot!! but that's just me.) but watching this movie kinda made it an ok band. All in all this movie rules!

poxpower responds:

yyyyyyyeah I LOVE that band. Slimpknot.. anyways... wow 4 times. Well done 8-)