Reviews for "Tier"


I love rammstein, awesome video!

nice work

this was awsome. the graphics were awsome. i love the song, and the robots were really well done, along with the lighting effect, nice touch.

Weird song

Nice work though. Not all of it made sense with the song, But it worked. As for the band Ramstien, I am an american and they hate americans. Sooo I don't like them very much.


You are the man...err...woman...whichever...You get points for many different things...

a. The vid was done in the scheme of the two favorite colors, red and black...
b. The artwork was UNBELIEVABLE...
c. The images fit in time and rhythm with the music
d. Rammstein is my favorite band, so automatic points there, and for not making a lame video to go with one of their songs.

Incredible, incredible job...

I applaud you sir...err...ma'am...whatever...!

The (Really fucking impressed) Flash Illiterate Critic,

professional quality

This is better than most of the videos I've seen on TV. you must have put a lot of work into this. you should try to get it on mtv.

poxpower responds:

wow we don't watch the same tv then O.O

I think you're getting screwed tv-wise