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Reviews for "Fuaraya"

excuse my language

but i fucking love this
get off NG and get a record deal, now!


have you ever considered submitting to a netlabel?

google one up if you havnt already, there are a bunch of ambient/techno/house netlabels out there that get your stuff heard more

as for this song, its pretty legit my homey G poptart


This is a prime example on why I think your the best artist on NG. It does kind of lost it's steam after the break, but everything below that is just a dream. The break itself is just pure beauty to listen too.

Hope to be touring with you sometime :P


go to state of trance website and get this on demo lists, think with some improvements it could really work! Awesome work :)


The production quality on this is unsurpassed on the site, and perhaps I'm biased because I like your work so much, but I found this really great. I felt that it was a bit flat for the first three minutes-- not boring, but I was waiting on a plateau, not a buildup. Possibly because of the placement of the lull at 2:17. The first half was very gentle and very beautiful, but a little sleepy.

But I LOVE the style. Meh, we need more of this out there. Pitch it to Anjuna? :P