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Reviews for "Fuaraya"

I'll say it again

Your work seems out of place for Newgrounds because it really is that much better then most of what I hear on this site.

But because you've decided to release it here, I'll say this. If an animator were to incorporate this song into their game or animation, it would actually raise the score up a few notches based on the music alone.

Let me know when you have an album out in stores so I can cop it. Keep up the excellent work.


when i first ever started hearing about p-trance, i really didnt care much for it, but this song has def. changed my views of it, plus some others ive heard recently

i think i might give this genre a try later on down the road, but for now im still tryin to find my sound

peace out



Loving the sound here! Quite amazing song! Really good i love the melodies and the ambient peaceful sound here. Stunning!

It's great, but...

...why are the last 45 seconds completely blank? I don't get it.

Those 45 seconds aside, this is absolutely amazing. It sounds peaceful and musical at the same time; most of the trance I run into is only one or the other. I really love the pad you used, simply because it sounds so much like wind, and with the bells it's quite a combination.

Pulstate responds:

The 45 blank secs are for djs mixing it.


I Like It!

Cool, it takes from me 5/5 and 10/10 ;)