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Reviews for "Fuaraya"

cool beat

I'm not really a fan of trance music... but this was cool. voted 5 on it.

Pulstate responds:

Thanks alot mate ! :)


As I said on MSN, the bass is sexy. But it was alittle too slow for me, overall it's a very very chill track and I'm definetly gonna download this

Pulstate responds:

Appreciate it mate. ;)

"Review Trade"

Ok, lets take a listen here.

First thing that comes in is the kick. It's fine, no problems with it, sets a nice tone for the rest of the song. Great, wonderful, let's move on.

Next thing I noticed was a melodic portion at around 0:16. I doubt that's enough time to do a full mix into this track, unless you're harmonic mixing. I'd be hard-pressed to do it, even with software. How about some FX instead?

Then a breakdown at 0:40. That's really not giving much mixing time at all. But ooh, everything sounds so nice! :), great synths, I like that sine one that comes in. Bass, however, seems a touch gritty compared to the other synths in the breakdown, but works well in the main portion. Maybe remove it from that little breakdown, and introduce it when the beat kicks back in?

Ok, and the energy falls again at 2:15... Remember, Trance is a genre of Dance music. That's not giving much time to dance! XD, I suggest extending the kickdrum a bit more, lengthening that section a bit.

Now, epic breakdown. Very nice, well put together, nice synths, great harmonies. around 3:00, that bell seems to hit an odd note not in the chord. Maybe attenuate that.

Beat back in at 3:17. Well... that wasn't much of a buildup. No snare roll? No noise? Just some kicks, and then we're back. Nice synths in this next danceable section, great stereo separation too, liking the panning on them synths.

Now HERE we go, I was expecting another full breakdown, but it actually keeps on going, and thank god too, or this track'd be more breakdown than energy :S

Starts to lose elements... bringing back the bare kick at around 5. Bit short, don't ya think? And what's with the 50 seconds of silence? O.O, Dunno why that's there.

Anyway, good song, but quite short. Also, not really enough danceable sections. I'd extend the first breakdown, the intro, and the parts with energy.

Overall, production is excellent. I can crank it up without too many bad things happening, but kick might have a touch too much compression... it distorts a touch on my system, but definitely not bad enough to matter whatsoever.

Good one. 5/5, 9/10 for the aforementioned issues.


Thanks for the msg, man, you were right. This is great!
One more pulstate on the mp3!


you know what just amazing,
now in portuguese ahahahah

fdx meu esta musica está memo perfeita muito bom trabalho

keep it up