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Reviews for "Fuaraya"

Dancing in the rain~~

Wow... it was really relaxing and amazing. Very europop in many senses, sounds modern and techno but the voices in the background give it a really elegant and original effect. As said it sounds really like a rain, melancholic song but with the power to go through the problem. It's a mix of so many feelings! It's great.

Like a splash of fine champaigne.

It's a jubilee of smooth strings and pop hits. Starts subtle, but picks up slowly. It doesn't rise to extremes which is what I like about this the most. The varying riffs retain my attention until the vaporizing finish. Reminds me of a few tunes from Digital Empire. A very good song to listen to on a rainy night in the city. Refreshing and full of life.


Ok, it's stunning, right?
Now here's some advice:
Get your ass of Newgrounds and start a career. Your work is just too good to be freely downloaded.


This is a very good song. Shit, it's as good or better as most songs on ASOT or Above and Beyond's podcast, fucking get a deal and deliver this beautiful piece of music to the clubs around the world for all to enjoy. Seriously.

The drums are thumping, the sound is pristine, the mix is perfect, it is CD ready. I don't know if you had it mastered, or if you did yourself, but this is awesome.

Domination .

wow such a calm yet deadly tone and melodies. This song is a hot stuff