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Reviews for "Fuaraya"

I may be insanely late to rating this, considering it was released all those years ago. Thank you for posting this though; I just casually reached this exploring the depths of this website -- exploring, diving, further, searching, delving into any corner that could yield an adventure. That adventure is right here. It's a calm, reminiscent but all the same aspiring track that reminds us of the future ahead of us, that beautiful, pure but endless loop of life.

Thank you.

Freaking amazing!

What equipment/software do you use? This is just.... Incredible! This, sir, is perfection. You've achieved what you were aiming for, and surpassed it, as well. This is so good that I'm probably going to use this in my next DJ set! Kudos, man!

Oh god.

And in a good way...

You've got a very nice house song on your hands. Yeah, I don't think it's progressive as much as it is house. Not electro though.

The ambient sines and other synths add such a great atmosphere, and your bass is so energetic and rich. Your samples are great. Not one thing is screwed up. This is definitely downloaded and faved.


This piece is very amazing, yet calm and awesome all at the same time. I don't know why Infrasonic decided not to take this work. I really enjoyed this piece, you did a great job at mastering and using the instruments, samples and vsts (whatever you used). I really like your style ;D

Keep up the great work.


Your Fellow Newgrounder,

It's really a masterpiece

It's just harmonic - just harmonic and great :)
Keep it up!
Stay immune. -Rawing