Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"


not bad pritty funny dude...


This was great, i haven't laughed so hard in a long while. The matrix parody at the end was just the icing on the cake... very good work.

and as they say on x-play...
We give it a 4... out of 5.

I thought it was alright.....

Yeah the drawings were mediocre and they did resemble legendary frog. Try and find your own unique style. The movie was mediocre and I snickered here and there. The part that got me laughing though was how he just launched the guitar randomly because he sucks. That was funny.

It's ok...

Well some of the sounds were off...and the animation was...mediocre. But none the less it was still good.

A so-so short.

A short that depicts the classic cartoon/comedy routine of "industructable object flies through many humorous situations until it is finally stopped by something at the end of the film." The thing is with this flick is: The scenes were extremely predictable as to what the guitar (being the magic object that passes through everything)would do. The only scene where I did happen to chuckle was the wedding scene and because of the unpredicted thing that happens in that scene.

The sound quality was good. The animations were basic, but not flawed.

And WHY another matrix spoof? I was hoping the trend has passed on, but I suppose someone has to keep it alive once in awhile.