Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"

A so-so short.

A short that depicts the classic cartoon/comedy routine of "industructable object flies through many humorous situations until it is finally stopped by something at the end of the film." The thing is with this flick is: The scenes were extremely predictable as to what the guitar (being the magic object that passes through everything)would do. The only scene where I did happen to chuckle was the wedding scene and because of the unpredicted thing that happens in that scene.

The sound quality was good. The animations were basic, but not flawed.

And WHY another matrix spoof? I was hoping the trend has passed on, but I suppose someone has to keep it alive once in awhile.


I'd love to see this on the front page.


that was fucking awesome! i loved the ending, and the part where the chick started choking on the ring was really really funny! this is the kinda comedy i like seing on newgrounds, none of that other stuff i keep seeing, you own man!

Bad Guitar Playing Kills!

This is a wonderful series of events, very funny with some great random moments (the trampoline room is a nice touch). As for general features the art is pretty good though some characters are noticably better drawn than others. Pretty good sound a voice work as well. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the Matrix ending but it does work (just seems rather dated at this point).


Liked the Matrix tie-in