Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"

ok....i hated it...YEAH RIGHT!

it was so funny.you should make one about a piano or something...

This is awsome!

It makes very little sense that a guitar would be able to do what it did in this flash, but what the hell! Anythings possible in 2005!

Well Brian, you've out done yourself

Good funnyness and the animation was hot too. I enjoyed seeing your style 'cause it reminded me of that Cheesey Knight a while back. I'm Ken by the way. Good work my boy, good work.

Wronchi responds:

Well, thanks a bunch bud
well, this is a bit oldish, i have gotten better, but hey as long as its funny

THAT PWNED!!!!!!!!

Duuuude you rock......i checked all your other stuffz out and it owned....i been thinkin about doin flash but now seein this i know i cant compete........lol i suck but anyway great job i would love to see more of this seein as how i love guitar hahaha (make it electric now!!!!!!!!! ****COUGH COUGH LES PAUL COUGH*****

fiken awsome

nice didn't see that matrix parody coming