Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"


wronchi all of your flashes are funny

I liked the guitar thing

the guitar bouncing around town should have been longer. it was funny none the less. also i liked the suicidal stickman at the beginning.


i like the end the most but every thing was ok

It was ok

it was kinda funny, with the guitar killing a bunch of people.....yes....isn't this a good review, i just reitterated what happened in the movie and said it was kinda funny.


Personally I prefer Smoke Kills. Even so, I have to say it was extremly amusing. I always thougth the movie gave the "true story" of the matrix world. I guess not :P

All I can complain about is a somewhat "unrealistic" character drawing. It was something I got stuck on. The rest was brilliant, good sounds too, though they were thin at times. Just... good :)