Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"

That's one huge domino effect.

Good work on the movie. With a guitar falling from the sky, it's only a matter of a cartoon-educated person to know what's going to happen next.



Good work again.


omfg i never knew that aguitar can doo so much damage lol!! that was good matrix add on , lol that gave the movie a nice touch to it.u got my 5 man


That was great. Totally agree with Drumstick on the randomness factor. The only thing about the cartoon that was off was the guiter song, but that didnt really matter since the song sucked anyways.

I cant wait to see other submissions from ya. Keep up the good work!!


rock on dude. i love these kinds of animations. completely well-planned randomness... keep it up. work on, i guess you'd call it "flowing the audio" a little better at some parts, like just the clicking off/on of audio, you could smooth that out a bit. Play around with your motion tweening a bit more too. PWNage work my friend


nice flash. reminded me of lengendary frog though...