Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"

Very funny and random

This movie is one of the funniest I have seen yet. I really enjoyed watching it and laughing at the random things that are put in here. Definitely a must see movie! Two thumbs up!


heh. Nice. I could see the jokes comming a mile away though. You need to work on your timing and only showing what needs to be shown. once people get what your talking about (all of 3 seconds of animation) MOVE ON. you lingeres with the establishment of the gags and when they happened I was expecting them. Tighten those loose bolts for the next episode and you've got a winner!


that was really funny. you should make some more like that. ^_^

Heh.. That's pretty funny..

The chain of deaths and random plot switches made for a pretty funny cartoon.. Good work..


this movie made my day, thank you!!