Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


I didn't notice any apparent bass, but it's a cool song nontheless.

That staccato sound that comes in at 6 seconds then again at 12 seconds, I'm not too keen on it, it sounds like a Sytrus Preset, I may be wrong though.
It sounds too thin, if you were to make it fill up more frequencies then it could improve the song a lot more imo.

What software are you moving to, btw?

axeFX responds:

Thx man. Yeah... I low cut the kick, then layered it. I found it had so much oomphf that I didnt need to add a bass.


At 0:12 the melody sound you introduce sounds exactly like the sound in the melody for Cell's theme on DragonBall Z.

This piece isnt too heavy or variant on drums, but it fits the whole song together very nicely.

Just mixing the elements so that you can hear all of them is what made this song good IMO.

What program do you intend on switching over to?

axeFX responds:

sonar 7 / protools =) thanks for the review man


Aswome work man makes me jsut wan get up and dance. So i think i will *DANCES* XD

axeFX responds:


nice work!

i liked it very much 9/10

axeFX responds:

*thumbs up*

party party

dancing with a girl on x to this song

axeFX responds:

haha nice