Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


this soooo going on my ipod :)

axeFX responds:



Yeah, like the real "Adrenaline" feel to the song. Nice work!

axeFX responds:

Adrenaline ftw


I haven't heard anything like this on the audio portal. When I'm bored I pretend to drum like in the song.

axeFX responds:

budoom chsh!

Originaltasticalocity to the max xD

I've never heard anything even close to this, you rock man. I can't wait to hear your new submissions with an even better program :D i'm sure they'll kick ass. Keep up the pwnage :P

axeFX responds:

thx man XD

now this is why i love ng

I get sick of songs (done pro) haveing the same frekin cord progresion
but this...this is one of a kind...no copy cat or anything like that
so i hope what every you use next will be able to handle what you can dish out

axeFX responds:

i hope so too man. I tryed ableton live, and that just didnt have the production factor that i needed =/