Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


lol i was expecting more of a drum and bass feel. like more groggy hardcore. but otherwise and excellent song i just wasnt expecting it.

axeFX responds:

Well im slowly shifting into DnB... This currently is breakbeat. As I get better with programing reese basses and the likes, as well as the drums, ill be able to make my songs sound alot better =)

Simply awesome

There was no way I could wrote this piece below 5 . Respect man.
It is also perfect for my Flash Game - if that is all right with you.

axeFX responds:

yea man thatd be cool

Fo shizzle over my nizzle and back over again!!!!!

Nice nice, only the next time some longer Peace!

axeFX responds:

will do fo sheezy

This is off the hook!

Not bad for your second submission. The main melody is okay but could still use more varation in it since this is a short track. I really like the bass, that's what caught my attention into listening to this. Then again, this is a drum & bass track. Congratualtions on making it on the weekly best.

axeFX responds:

Hopefully ill be able to make my songs better with a new program

I normally hate Drum 'N Bass beats...

But this one r0x mah s0x!
Brilliant job mate, I definately enjoyed that one, keep it up!
*Does the robot*

axeFX responds:

thx man. Glad you enjoyed it