Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"

too short but good

incredible, that was really cool! Friend

than good, good music, and for heroes very crazy!,

great madness track

incredible for madness games, Hank would be proud!! :D

I love your work!

You are the only author in NG I have favorited. All your work is just beautiful. The only problem I find is they're too short, please dont be afraid of making longer songs, add repeationg and some extras in the middle. I wish your songs would last atleast 3-4 minutes. The music ends before I can really start enjoying it :( :( :(

axeFX responds:

thats awesome that you favourited me man, thx! I no longer make short songs like this, but I also don't submit here anymore. I'll let you know whenever I get my youtube account setup!


this is just what ive been looking for, for my next animation, ill be sure to credit you and show you when its done :)

also fav'd