Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


i liked it


I don't see why you find Fruity Loops lacks something, that is, however if you use a version before they changed it's name to FL Studio.

I use FL Studio as my main sequencer, Cubase for mastering, and Reason in conjunction with FL Studio.

A poor worksman blames his tools. I've even found unique sounds in FL's deafult stuff with enough altering.

Anyway nice song, but it seems you used bland sounds/synths and drums. The melody is nice though(unique/original). Make your own presets if that's not the case already.

axeFX responds:

nah man I used FL 8. AND... the reason I need a change, is because ive obtained too many bad habits with FL that its seriously limiting my compositional abilities :\ I only used one preset... but I EQed it quite a bit.


Sweet synths, baseline, distortions, drums, blah blah you know its good... 2nd submission and BEST OF THE WEEK LOLWAHT?! already! Can't wait for moaR~ Rox on

axeFX responds:



This is one of my favorites now. Its intense and fast, just like Rapture. Thanks for giving us something beast to listen to.

axeFX responds:

Wats rapture?

really good

I like it. The name suits the song well.
But you should make your songs longer, 1:20 is hardly long enough.
They're really good, but just too short.

axeFX responds:

i cut about 10-20 seconds off by speeding it up =p