Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"

Man this f**king awesome

It soud really good i hear not oft such things (i mean such good souds ) manyour track really rocks make more like this

axeFX responds:

thx man... and I will

nice -

yeah it is kind of short but damn bro you sure as hell pwned with the loops-

good stuff bro - lets hear more.

axeFX responds:

I hope theres some usable parts in this song for flash authors =)


its kinda short i liked it a lot. i want protools

axeFX responds:

Ive heard it isn't the best... but ill have to test that one out on my own

10s only valid.

This song can only deserve a 10 and nothing less. If you don't like a song, either give it a 1 and if you do a 10. :)

axeFX responds:

I like your logic. =p

This track freakin rocks

For real this adrenaline fx beat right here is so epic and energetic just by listening to it even i definitely enjoyed this song and i give it a 10/10.

axeFX responds:

well im glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the 10 =)