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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


Of all the locks who have joined the LL since LockDay you are by far the best! I can not wait to see the next installment of "Blue Screen"! Oh and most of all.....good job killing coke :)

Pretty good

I didnt like how you use the ragnarok sound files. It just didnt seem to fit. Overall it was a really well done movie. I hope you keep up the work.

Has anyone told you guys latley....

LOCKS OWN CLOCKS! Seriously you guys have always been my overall favorite out of any of those crappy clocks....Especially you, can't wait till the sequeal!


I thought clock was cool but whats the difference between lock and clock? It seems like there basicly the same thing except I just heard of lock... Please explain. Maybe I`ll join if you can explain it too me... That is if you don`t have a moneydude lock...


Excuse me, but may we please have another Blue Screen? :(