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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"

Has anyone told you guys latley....

LOCKS OWN CLOCKS! Seriously you guys have always been my overall favorite out of any of those crappy clocks....Especially you, can't wait till the sequeal!

I like the commie.

Nice job, nice job. You guys are almost as good as clocks!


I thought clock was cool but whats the difference between lock and clock? It seems like there basicly the same thing except I just heard of lock... Please explain. Maybe I`ll join if you can explain it too me... That is if you don`t have a moneydude lock...

7h15 roxo|2o|2z!!!

I like this movie....but....How come there aren't any websites for the Clocks and Locks....Has there popularity gone away...Cause I found out about you funny fuckers not too long ago....and I want to get into to it.....NE wayz.....Im about to get a swab to the rectum...so Ill just ...leave now...

Oh where's free flash?


Excuse me, but may we please have another Blue Screen? :(