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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"

Not bad not bad

Yeah good work make more but what was the point of a lock on there face lol?

it was good but...

Would some one explain the locks? i dont under stand why every body's doing them in flashes


Apparently you can set it to purple instead of blue if you prefer!

Nice, but...

Why do some people vote low on lock and clock entries? I don't get it...many of them are good, like this one. Also, I am glad that the orange rectangle lock didn't get shot.

Welcome to the world of a programer

Well, I might as well give a little insight into the summery, a programmer usualy sometimes get the blue screen of death because the programing interface along with the program that he is working on with the Programing interface usualy take up a hell of a lot of RAM... the same goes with flash... because it is a programing lanugage... it requires a Programing interface... never mind. well since that is out of the way things you can improve upon:
1. hire voice actors
2. draw better backgrounds
And for all you locks, keep up the good work, all of your flashes so far are great.