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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


Amazing work

Awesome, great and awesome again.

I've been hoping for an LL submission from you since i saw your intro. Great, as expected. Can't wait for part two!

This movie gained my respect for the LL...

This movie was well-animated. It was smooth, and well drawn out. The sound was AWSOME, what program did you use for the music. Also, did you use speakonia for the lock's voices? Good job, this movie rocks. I like the little FF battle part. You gained my respect for the LL. Good job, can't wait for episode 2! BTW, the website is awsome.

DiaDz responds:

Yes, I used Speakonia for the voices :)

And strangley, all the sounds were done/edited with Window's WAV recorder :P

If diamonds are the hardest thing on earth...

then this is really solid. but why'd he have to knock out the poor orange lock.. he was just being friendly and then his feelings got hurt... but good... but so mean.. that's why my nine is not ten, but I give you my five.

make more plz

Please make episode 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!