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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"

To be continued!!?!?!?!

AWESOME Flash, I haven't seen a really good lock movie in ever.. This takes the cake. Awesome plot and animation.. Winblows XP... lol......

**-Vote = 5-**

Loved it!

I liked it the sound style and graphics were top notch can't wait to see the next one!

Great lock flash.

This was a great first episode,it seems really interesting and it was pretty funny as well,excellent job. =)


i will be wanting for a sequel to this kickass flash

When is #2 coming out?

I have seen a lot of flashes. Unfortunately a lot of them are inconclusive and are "to be continued" but they never are.... Just sayin Plz make #2 =) TY 4 your time.

Signed, SwordBlock