Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

its me again

i needed 2 tell u that my yahoo and crap is being gay, so talk 2 my from my sn on aim, if u have , hopefully, if u dont then ill review on another thing 2 tell u other crap on what im gonna try and do

Hell-Fire responds:

no aim. do u have msn. Or atleast hotmail. ah well, wat u gonna try to do?


I vote for BUB and Fighter since hes so fucking weak. Great movie.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks but voting ended a couple weeks ago. Thanks for review though

Pretty good...

I want to see more of your work!!!

Hell-Fire responds:

The next Sprite Survivor should be coming out after my exams some time.. So probably in 2-3 weeks

ryu, fighter

Im voting for ryu and fighter

Hell-Fire responds:

thnkas for votes and review freakinstrange

Excellent concept

Your animations need work though. Try to find more sprites to work with so it doesn't seem so... choppy. A lot of the movements were just tweening a static sprite around. I give you mad props for the idea though.

I vote for Ryu and Simone. I encourage others to not just vote off people who "haven't done anything" or you won't ever get a chance to SEE them doing anything! Robo rocks. And also, Crono must own everyone. :X Anyways, great work- looking forward to the next one.

Hell-Fire responds:

Its really hard to animate sprites but im trying my hardest and hope to get better. Thanks for votes and review