Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"


i think that mario from one tribe should go, and robo from the other tribe. (i can't remember who's in which tribe).

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting roboskittle

Great Idea

Nice job.. My votes are Bub and Simone

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for reviewen drunken ninja. Im surprised how many people dont like bub. oh well


I found it to be very well done and quite funny indeed. Only one thing really bugged me. The little green dragon guy that always says "bub"? HE'S NOT A POKEMON! When the blue haired guy (I forget his name) kicked him when he wouldn't stop saying "bub", he called him a pokemon. He is actually the leading character in an 8-bit NES game titled "Bubble Bobble". A very cool game I might add. Anyway, other than that, NICE FLASH!

Hell-Fire responds:

yea i know. Ryu said "talk like a pokemon and ill fukin kill you". Bub was talking like a pokemon. Doesn't mean he is a pokemon. Thabnks for review neway



btw. This movie roxx..

Hell-Fire responds:

lol. thanks but ninja wasnt nominated. lol did u even watch it all?


1 vote for Bub (i hate that damn dinosaur)

1 vote for Mario

Hell-Fire responds:

lol i rekon hes wikid. hope he stays personally. thanks for review