Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

No bad

Quite good, actually. But I actually miss some more jokes. The sprites are hard to do things with, and you should try and add in more visual and verbal jokes to make it more intesting.
The idea is over-used, too, and that doesn't give this movie a high score either.

Anyway, Kick Robo and Figher off the island...

Hell-Fire responds:

I agree. Sprites are hard to work with. (damn sprites) thanks for votes and review

It was great!

It was the best flash movie ive ever seen!!
Ryu and mario should be gone

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks for voting and review 2kill


i vote for simone(that gay fag) and bub

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks for votes and review ffXmaster

I liked it

Great job and I vote 4 Simone and Ryu Great job

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks for votes and review


I vote off Bub and Mario. Most... annoying... characters.... EVAR.

PS Chrono rules. HE MUST WIN!

Hell-Fire responds:

Bubs cool. Mario is gay. my opinion. Thanks for votes and review